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MLDOT-90A Electric Operating Table Operation Manual

Product description
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★ Thank you for purchasing our products.

★ Before using this product, please be sure to read this manual carefully and retain it for future use.

★ When using this device, please strictly abide by the rules, proper maintenance and maintenance.

★ If the device is found in the course of the problem, please contact us, we will provide you with timely service and help.

Product Overview

This electric operating table primarily for the purposes of medical institutions for surgical use, it is suitable for head, neck, chest, abdomen, perineum, limbs and other surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, neurosurgery and other surgical needs. All its actions are driven by motors.

The operating table is made up of base, Lifting mechanism, back board, seat board, leg board and other components. It uses low voltage DC motors to drive to be safe and reliable.


This operating table is suitable for head, neck, chest, abdomen, perineum, limbs and other surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, neurosurgery and other surgical needs.

* electric operating table is especially for brain surgery using。


Size of the table top 2000 mm×500 mm

Lifting range : Min≤750mm Max≥1000mm

Tabletop Trendelenburg: ≥ 22°

Tabletop revers trendelenburg: ≥ 25°

Tabletop tilt left and right: ≥ 20°

Table Top Sliding distance: ≥350mm

Headboard folding up: ≥ 45°

Headboard folding down: ≥ 90°

Backboard folding up: ≥ 70°

Backboard folding down: ≥ 35°

Leg board folding down: ≥ 90°

Leg board open: ≥ 90°

Waist board rising: ≥ 80mm

Supply voltage: 220V±22V

Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

Input power: 600VA

Weight: 200kg

Working mode: Short-term load continuous operation

Equipment category: Non AP / APG equipment

Enclosure rating: IPX4

Equipment safety classification: I type B

Fuse models and specifications: T3AL250V(Φ5×20mm)

Installation and usage


After unpacking, you should take out the packing list and check all parts of the product. If you find any questions, contact us please.


In order to ensure you purchase the product after enable better use of our special statement:

1)This model uses low-voltage DC motor to drive, safe maintenance.

2) Please turn off the power when not use.

3)It must be used on anti-static floor.

4) Molded polyurethane mattress using adsorption, shape stability and has antistatic properties.

5)Please read the instruction before use.

6)Before using this product, please follow the manual maintenance of disinfection methods.

7)This product is used in packaging materials are taken into account the impact on the environment, can 100% recycled

★ Timber ★ Steel ★ Polyethylene film bag ★ Polyethylene Bubble Film

Keep packaging materials and wastes sent to the designated trash collection after classification.

8)The end of the product life scrap processing, according to local health and epidemic prevention laws and regulations require bed capacity to classify scrap.

3.Operating conditions

1)Supply voltage: 220±22VAC

2)Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

3)Input power: 300VA

4)Pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

5)Ambient temperature: 5°~ 40℃

6)Relative humidity: ≤80%

4. Preparations

1) Power input diagram





Power supply must be configured to use standard 220V (5A above) socket. Do not share the same socket with other electrical appliances or instruments.


Grounding must be reliably connected!

In case of electric shock, please make sure that the grounding is not connected to the following objects:

★Heating pipes ★Gas pipes ★ Water pipes ★ Lightning rod ★Telephone line

3)Name of each part




1、 Headboard 2、Backboard 3、Waist board 4、Seat board 5、Leg board 6、Lock 7、Handle 8、Base 9、Brake 10、Guide 11、Power switch

*Our Company reserves the right to improve the product, any changes, we won't give extra notice.

Auxiliary Power System

The bed capacity is equipped with auxiliary power supply system. When power failure or power interruption, the internal circuitry will automatically switch the internal auxiliary power supply in order to ensure the normal operation of bed capacity. After turning off the main power switch is turned off while the internal auxiliary power supply.

The auxiliary power system in use, please be sure to note the following:

1、 If the external protective conductor in the installation or wiring integrity in doubt please use the internal power supply.

2、 Normally an external power supply should be based, supplemented by internal auxiliary power supply, auxiliary power supply after use should pay attention to timely supplement the internal battery power so as not to affect the next time you use also help extend the life of the internal battery.

3、 Auxiliary power supply system in the external power supply under normal circumstances will be automatically added to the internal battery power, while charging (yellow charge indicator light), full power will automatically stop charging (yellow charge indicator light turns off).

4、 Usually should be avoided in high temperature environment using the internal auxiliary power supply to avoid premature battery aging.

5、 Use auxiliary power supply, please note that "short-term load" can not be overloaded, to avoid damage to the internal battery.

6、 Recommend an internal power supply checked once a month in good condition (artificially cut off external power supply and the internal power system load and run to verify the integrity of the internal power supply system).

7、 Auxiliary power supply can generally be used for 3 years, as found in the use auxiliary power supply running time is getting shorter, please contact our purchase auxiliary power promptly replaced.

8、 Non-recognized manufacturer's technical staff may not replace the internal battery to avoid an accident.

9、 Specifications for the internal battery: 2 x 12V/7Ah

Red for the positive battery terminal, black terminal is negative.


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