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  Technical Support

  Keep close to the customer, allowing us to offer support quickly.

  Overseas Service Engineer

  Service Case Recording & Tracing System

  Sufficient spare part

  On-line & Local Technical Support

  24-hour Response


  Free training system for the customers.

  Mineddy provide the customers with free training at the headquarters in Nanjing

  On-line & Local Technical Support to the customer around the world.


  1-5 years’ warranty period to meet different demands.

  If any malfunction is caused by quality related problems within Warranty, the product can be repaired for free or returned to Mineddy.

  The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the equipment is shipped to Mineddy for service (this includes custom charges). Mineddy is responsible for the freight & insurance charges from Mineddy to the customer.

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