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Ultrasound Image System

Cheapest Portable Ultrasound Machin Usb Pc Baby Ultrasound Portable Probe Scanner

UT-3018CIV Digital Trolley Ultrasound Scanner with Workstation 1.Ultrasound scanner Specifications: Specifications: Ultrasound scanner with 15” LCD monitor. Detecting depth:≥ 220mm.

Ultrasound scanner Specifications: 


Ultrasound scanner with 15” LCD monitor.

Detecting depth:≥ 220mm.

Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B.

Gray Scale: 256.

Image amplification: ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×2.0.

Local zoom: 2 times.

Electronic focusing: 4 focuses combination randomly.

Measurement: distance, circumference, area, heart rate, gestational week, fetal weight etc.

Annotation: time, date, ID, age, sex, detecting depth, probe type, focus, frame correlation etc.

English-Chinese conversion.


Image load/storage: 32.

Obstetric table: BPD; CRL; GS; FL; AC; HC; FW; EDD.

Body marks: 40 types.

Power Supply: 100V~130V/220V~240V, 50/60Hz.

Dimensions(cm): 91*76*92 (main unit carton ); 40*35*37 ( CRT monitor carton ).

Standard Configuration:

1) Ultrasound Scanner with 17" CRT Monitor: 1pc

2) Image Workstation: 1pc

3) 3.5MHz Convex Probe: 1pc

4) 6.5MHz Trans-vaginal Probe: 1pc


Optional probes:

7.5 MHz Linear Probe 

Video printer and Ink-jet printer


HD LCD display with large imaging area

Smart touch screen, optimized workflow

Intuitive operator interface, all-round arm and slim body

Real-time image processing algorithms are used to eliminate speckle and noise artifacts, enhancing tissue edges and boundaries by correcting discontinuities between different regions. Allows to improve the visualization of real organizational information. It is a one-button image optimization technology used in the S20, which provides you with fast B mode and spectral Doppler image optimization by clicking a button. Reduce inspection time to ensure optimal results and more accurate diagnosis. Real-time 3D is a high-quality technique commonly used in obstetric ultrasound to provide real-time 3D images of the fetus. Many high-end features, such as multi-slices and cropping planes, will help you perform detailed and accurate analysis.

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