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X-ray Detection Technology Application In PCB

X-ray detection technology in the PCB's are better applied? Let us first look at developments in the PCB industry. With the development of high density packaging technology also brought new challenges to the test. In order to respond to new challenges, many of the new technologies are also emerging. X-ray detection technology is a very important way. Through X-ray inspection can effectively control the quality of welding and Assembly of BGA. Now not only in laboratory analysis of X-ray detection system, has been dedicated to the production of many industries. PCB industries is one of them. To some extent X-ray detection technology is a necessary means to ensure the quality of electronic Assembly.

According to the PCB industry, BGA testing is increasingly being taken seriously, PCB Assembly process in order to ensure that such devices are not visible quality of welding point, an important tool for X-ray examination is essential. This is because the X-ray detection technology can penetrate packaging and direct detection of weld quality is good or bad. Now package miniaturization of Semiconductor components, so this needs better detection of X-ray detection equipment to ensure product component miniaturization needs. Kunshan very suitable production of X-ray detector detection of these small welding points. X-ray detection easy Fonda production in Kunshan high-definition X-ray images, along with analysis of defects (for example, open circuit, short circuit, solder voids) function. Not only that, easy Fonda production in Kunshan of X-ray detector there is enough magnification, allowing producers very easily see detailed product defect to meet present and future needs. Kunshan e production of X-ray detection technology keeps your products from fewer quality problems, can also improve the competitiveness of your products.

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