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What Is Electric Operating Table?

Electric operating table using microcomputer, dual controller control, the implementation of multi-directional operation and to prevent misuse of the lock switch. A full set of hydraulic control systems are imported hydraulic components, so that the whole machine to achieve low noise, high security and reliability. The operating table for ophthalmology, brain surgery designed ultra-low position, the doctor can use surgery during surgery. The entire table can be carried out before and after the vertical movement, to achieve all the bit C arm radiography or perspective. Widen the width of the table to suit the current clinical needs. Table is divided into five active sections, respectively, the first board, shoulder plate, backplane, buttocks, legs plate. All sections are available in X-ray materials, under the board and equipped with dark guide rails, can be film box.

As an indispensable diseases and treatment of orthopedic treatment, surgery is the general surgical disease treatment, surgical bed medical devices as one of the indispensable in the process of operation, in the hospital department of orthopedics, surgery and other departments are widely used in medical technology, along with the progress of science and the manufacturing level, there are great improvement by manual operation bed also gradually changed to electric and wireless remote control, let the medical staff in the implementation of the operation, will not be the driving operation table takes up too much energy.

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