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The Function Of Ventilator

When infants and young children with acute respiratory failure, after active conservative treatment is invalid, less respiratory and sputum thick and thick, expectoration difficulties, blocking the airway or atelectasis, should consider tracheal intubation and ventilator.

The ventilator must have four basic functions, namely, to inflate the lungs, to breathe to exhalation, to expel alveolar gas and to exhale to inhale, and to reciprocate. (2) can produce a certain respiratory rhythm, including respiratory rate and respiration rate, in place of the human respiratory center of the innervation of the respiratory rhythm of the function; ⑶ can provide (1) can provide the body to breathe the power of the body; (VT) or minute ventilation (MV) to meet the needs of respiratory metabolism; (4) the supply of gas is best after heating and humidification, instead of the human nasal function, and can provide higher than the atmosphere contained in the O2 in order to improve the concentration of inhaled O2, improve oxygenation.

Power source: Available compressed gas for power (pneumatic) or motor as power (electric) Respiratory frequency and suction ratio can also use pneumatic control, electric control, pneumatic control and other types, call the inspiratory phase of the switch, Often in the breathing cycle to achieve a predetermined pressure in the respiratory loop after switching to exhalation (pressure type) or breathing to reach a predetermined capacity and then switch to exhalation (constant volume type), but the modern ventilator both have the above two Kind of form.

Treatment with the ventilator, commonly used in patients with more complex and heavier patients, requiring more complete function, can be a variety of breathing patterns to meet the needs of changes in condition. The anesthesia ventilator is mainly used for anesthesia surgery patients, most patients without major cardiopulmonary abnormalities, the required ventilator, as long as the variable ventilation, respiratory rate and respiration than those who can ippv, basically can be used.

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