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Electric Operating Table Function Introduce

Now the more commonly used electric operating table composition and function are introduced:

composition: electric operating table by table, electronic parts, accessories, etc., from the operating table board, back board and the seat board and leg board, including head board, back board, seat board, board, board and the left leg right leg back surface consists of six parts. The single action can be achieved in the process of the operation of ascending and descending, tilted around and head back waist panel, can deal with different surgery on patients with different position requirements, surgical bed accessories generally include: dirt bucket, leg support plate, the plate, head, arm plate, rod and anesthesia infusion rack. These are the secondary role of posture adjustment. Card straps, tied leg straps, tied and bound with a wristband and other accessories can protect the anesthesia of patients, prevent the risk of falling out of bed. Accessories are equipped with sponge pad, to ensure that the patient during the operation of normal circulation and maintain body comfort. Electric operation bed to general electric hydraulic transmission, is mainly composed of electric gear pump, hydraulic cylinder, relief valve, solenoid valve, position control switch and power supply, through the manual controller, infrared remote control and auxiliary controller to control.

features: surgical bed is to adjust the operation position, the operation can be carried out smoothly, the position in general surgery for the prone position and supine position, and perineum, heel seat.





The utility model relates to an electric operating bed which is suitable for the operation of various parts, which is in accordance with the characteristics of human anatomy and medical care:

1. reduce the labor intensity of medical staff, ergonomic design.

2. beautiful appearance, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, high surface cleanliness. Made of stainless steel or Aluminum Alloy. The bed is composed of high strength phenolic composition, can be anti fouling and acid resistance, and has good penetrating X ray.

3. intelligent, mainly controlled by computer system, can control all single position.

4. through various parts, expand the function of the equipment, can be applied to surgery, ophthalmology, Urology, gynecology, surgery, Department of ENT and Department of anorectal surgery.

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