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Development Trend Of Vertical Operation Lamp

Traditionally, light impressions to people is that above the operating table that a lamp ceiling-mounted lighting for medical use, shadowless appearance of breaking the operating lamp moving performance, installation of the inconvenience of traditional values. Its emergence and development, not only the medical industry's progress, but a medical frontier exploration spirit technology embodiment.

Remember the late 90 's, flowers produced the first real sense of when you move the single vertical light, the entire East China East China medical device market in an uproar. When the domestic light industry can say that has just started, whether it is technology content or product design, mostly Germany and Taiwan manufacturers, there is little independent research and development, it also makes those days are regarded by foreigners as surgical lights made in China products. It is against this backdrop, Japan spends people take the lead in outlining domestic operation lamp great blueprint for revolution, determined to build a yikuanbai percent of Chinese descent with high-end configuration, can apply to the vast majority of surgical lighting needs of vertical operation lamp, lighting devices for domestic medical production technology to a new level.

Ten years later, flowers make grade domestic brands of vertical operation lamp upgrade again. YDE500 vertical operation lamp of the LED lamp is mounted high atmospheric level, backup power understated luxury connotations of high durability, its cohesion Germany core design concepts and spend a unique innovative technology in one, outstanding and extraordinary quality. Is a modern operating room ideal lighting source, apart from the shadow of its powerful technology and flexible mobility is the pursuit of value for money choice of medical institutions of selected, in 2013 the medical equipment exhibition in China and abroad, attracted the international medical community friends stop attention, surprisingly, only in Russia show site order has exceeded the number of units.

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