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China Measuring Industry Trends

Electronic measuring instrument industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, has made breakthroughs in several critical areas of science and technology, the reliability and stability of the instrument has been greatly improved. Especially in recent years, native instruments has made considerable progress in our country, in particular in the universal electronic measuring devices and the development of automobile electronic equipment, is fast closing the gap with foreign advanced products. Modularization and the development of virtual technology, test and measurement equipment industry of our country has brought new opportunities for development, coupled with the growing attention of countries and Governments at all levels, offers unprecedented power for electronic measuring instrument industry and opportunities.

An industry from the selection of raw materials, production process control, product testing, industry needs to complete electronic measuring instruments, electronic measuring instruments responsible for other industries upgrade, the historic mission of independent innovation. China electronic instrument industry will have opportunities for development for the second time since the founding of new China.

China electronic instrument industry and enterprise development, a number of varieties and a number and reached the international advanced level of similar products, but compared with international levels, in the product structure, on a high technological level of products, market share (about 10% or so), there is still a big gap, yet to be domestic companies improved.

In fact, the test equipment industry market opportunity has come, the market door is already open, the key is to test equipment in our country enterprises should seize the opportunity to enter the market, provides the high quality level of products.

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