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X-ray discovery history

First discovered x rays are Tesla, Tesla developed a number of experiments to produce x-rays. Tesla said using his circuit, "my instrument can produce X-ray (that is, x-ray) energies greater than general instrument could produce more. ”

He also spoke with his circuit and single node x-ray producing equipment to hazards at work. In many of his investigations of the record, he attributed the result in skin damage for many reasons. His earlier projection of skin damage is not caused by x-ray's, but the ozone generated in contact with the skin, and some caused by nitrous acid exposure. Tesla incorrectly believe that x rays are made up of separate particles.

Tesla did some experiments, and Yu Lunqin confirmed his discovery (including x-radiographs taken his hand, after which he sent pictures to Roentgen) but did not make his findings known, most of his research material in the Fifth Avenue laboratory fire of March 1895 were burnt down.

Germany Würzburg University, Director of the Institute of physics, and Professor Roentgen (1845-1923), when he was engaged in the research on cathode rays, discovered x rays.

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