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X-rays were lopsided as the atom in the electrons in energy between two energy levels of particles arising from the transition, is between the wavelengths of ultraviolet light and gamma rays electromagnetic waves. The very short wavelengths between about 0.01~100 Aye. Germany physicist W.K. Roentgen discovered in 1895, it is also known as x-rays.

X-rays have high penetrating power, through a lot of the material opaque to visible light, such as ink on paper, wood, etc. The invisible rays can make many solid material visible fluorescence to make photographic photosensitive and air ionization effect. Wavelength of less than 0.1 a super hard x rays, 0.1~1 and Egypt, said in the context of hard x-rays, 1~100 and Egypt, said in the context of soft-x-ray.

X ray was originally used in medical imaging, and x-ray crystallography. X rays are ionizing radiation of this type is harmful to the human body, such as Ray.

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