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Structure principle of anesthesia machines

Since 1846 ronning since using ether anesthesia, inhalation anesthesia has been improving. The development of modern pharmacology, scientific and technological progress, in particular the application of computer technology and more modern inhalation anesthesia has improved greatly. Inhalation anesthesia is easy to control, secure and effective. Is the current preferred hospital for surgery.

Refers to an organism called anesthesia in whole or in part temporarily unconscious, for surgical treatment methods. Anesthesia has a number of ways, such as acupuncture, injection and inhalation anesthesia. Hospitals using general anesthesia is still dominated by inhalation anesthesia. Anesthesia machine is the use of general anesthesia by inhalation anesthesia equipment.

Modern anesthesia machine is intelligent, integrated systems development, coordination of various combinations, flexible, reliable, compact structure, reasonable, clear and friendly interface, convenient operation. Electronically controlled gas delivery system, built-in electric control breathing machine, integrated breathing circuits, integrated gas monitoring systems, high and low flow anesthesia is the best combination of modern anesthesia machine. New anesthesia workstations will extend into the entire health care system, and hospital equipment and systems, communication, definition, adjusting anesthesia procedures and records to assess anesthetic effect, improve the quality of patient care for clinical physicians to create a good working atmosphere. Classified according to the structure of the modern anaesthetic machine: gas supply gas tank, conveyor systems, anesthesia breathing circuits, anesthesia ventilators, safety monitoring systems and residual gas removal system.

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