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Application of x-ray

Medicine commonly used for fluoroscopy, used for flaw detection in the industry. X-ray ionization gauge, films such as scintillation counters and emulsion test. Has become the x-ray diffraction study on structure, morphology and defects of an important means.

1, photosensitization. X-ray, like visible to make photographic film. Photographic intensity is proportional to the amount of x rays, x rays through the human body, the body density, x-ray absorption of different film speed obtained on different x-ray images are obtained.

2, coloring effects. X-ray prolonged exposure to certain substances such as Platinum cyanide barium, lead glass, Crystal, and can dehydrate its crystals change color.

When x-ray irradiation to living organisms, biological cells are inhibited, damage or even necrosis, resulting in the body a different degree of physiological, pathological and biochemical changes. Different biological cells have different sensitivity to x-rays, can be used to treat certain diseases, especially cancer treatment. X-ray at the same time, it was found that Visual impairment causes hair loss, skin burns, staff, Ray harm problems such as leukemia, x-ray at the same time, attention should be paid on normal body damage, taking protective measures.

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