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Fully New Advanced C Arm Fluoroscopy X Ray Equipment Fluoroscopy C-arm X-ray Machine

Fully New Advanced C Arm Fluoroscopy X Ray Equipment Fluoroscopy C-arm X-ray Machine

UT112 High Frequency Digital Mobile C-arm System (3.5KW, 63mA) Packing Detail: 2440*1100*1420mm, 3.9CBM ; NW: 350KG, GW:535KG.

UT112 High Frequency Digital Mobile C-arm System (3.5KW, 63mA)


Packing Detail: 2440*1100*1420mm,  3.9CBM ;  NW: 350KG,  GW:535KG.


1.Fluoroscopic Capacity 
Max rated capacity:Tube Current 4mA, Tube Voltage 110kV   
Automatic Fluoroscopy:Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV Adjust   Automatically
                                       Tube Current  : 0.3mA~4mA set manually 
Manual Fluoroscopy:Continuous Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV
                                  Continuous Tube Current : 0.3mA~4mA 
Pulse Fluoroscopy:Continuous Tube Voltage 40kV~110kV 
                              Continuous Tube Current 4.1mA~8mA  
2.Photography Capacity  

Max rated capacity:3.5 KW   
Tube Voltage and Current Combination:40kV~49kV   1 ~125 mAs
                                                            50kV~59kV   1 ~110 mAs
                                                            60kV~69kV   1 ~90  mAs  
                                                            70kV~79kV   1 ~80  mAs  
                                                            80kV~89kV   1 ~71  mAs  
                                                            90kV~99kV   1 ~63  mAs  
                                                            100kV~110kV 1 ~40  mAs   
Plateholder Size:200mm×250mm(8″×10″)  or    250mm×300mm(10″×12″)  

3.X-ray Tube 
X-ray Tube Special for High Frequency

Fixed anode Dual-focus : large focus: 1.5, small focus: 0.6  

Inverter Frequency:40KHz

Thermal capacity:35KJ (47KHU) 
4. VideoSystem 
Image Intensifier:Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA 9″

CCD Vidicon:Ultra low-light CCD camera imported from Japan                                
Monitor:Horizontal 1000 lines and vertical 800 lines, Bandwidth:12.5MHz,Image/sec : 75

CCU(central control):Recursive Filter: K=8, 8 images storage,  image upright, image overturn,positive & negative image;LIH(last Image Hold), and OSD(monitor display)  

5. Structure :
Directive wheel:±90°revolution,can freely change the moving  direction of the unit.
Ascending & Descending Range of Pillar:≥400mm   
C-arm:Forward and Backward Movement: 200mm  
Revolution around Horizontal Axis:±180°  
Revolution around Vertical Axis:±15° , easier  to take special positions radiography )
Slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°) 


1、With a compact appearance, and easy to operate; 

2、Clinical Video system with high performance,8   images storage
     volume, and two 14〞high-resolution monitors;   

3、Automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and   
      clearness optimum;

4、Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage  
5、With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce radiation  

6、Digital Workstation.



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