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    • Portable Ultrasound Machines For Sale

      Contact NowPortable Ultrasound Machines For SaleFeatures : 10 inch SVGA high resolution monitor Backlight silica gel keyboard, hotoelectricity track control 128 image permanent storage 2 probes sockets , support several optional probes General measurement : distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, gestational age (BPD, GS, CRL, FL,...Read More

    • Portable Wireless Scanner Ultrasound Equipment

      Contact NowPortable Wireless Scanner Ultrasound EquipmentRange of application: Swine, ovine, goat, canine and etc. Features : Hand-held design, smart and light, easy to carry, convenient for detection. 5" FTT-LED, wide visual, high brightness, high contrast, image clear and exquisite. Automatically calculate back-fat and lean percentage of swine....Read More

    • High Frequency Portable Dental Radiography Equipment

      Contact NowHigh Frequency Portable Dental Radiography Equipment1、The latest technology of high frequency generator,easy to collect digital image and gain the high quality image . 2、Friendly user interface,excellent operation system,make the equipment more conveniently and easy to understand . 3、It can be applied to intervention radiation surgery. 4、Multiple...Read More

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