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    • Portable Latop Color Doppler Ultrasound System

      Contact NowPortable Latop Color Doppler Ultrasound SystemGeneral Information: Display: 15” LCD monitor Display Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B+C, B+D, B+C+D, PDI, CF, PWD Gray Scale: 256 Dyn Range: 0dB-160dB Depth: ≥330mm Blind Area: ≤5 mm Channels: 64 Probe elements: 128 Cine-loop: ≥1000. Lateral Resolution: ≤1mm (Depth≤80mm), ≤2mm (80< Depth≤130mm)...Read More

    • Healthcare X-ray Digital Imaging System

      Contact NowHealthcare X-ray Digital Imaging System1、Integrated flat-panel detector with optimum coverage. 2、Optimized design and unique operation,make you work flow even more efficient. 3、Advanced digital image processing technology to ensure a HD quality image . 4、Equipped with the network sharing and integration function,easy to connect to...Read More

    • Portable Ultrasound Scanner System

      Contact NowPortable Ultrasound Scanner SystemFeatures: ·The image can be displayed in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up and down conversed and shift depth in real time. · Video output is standard PAL and VGA; it is easily accessed to the equipment, such as the large screen monitor, videocassette recorder, video image...Read More

    • C Arm X-ray Machine,portable X Ray System Price

      Contact NowC Arm X-ray Machine,portable X Ray System Price1、Four-dimensional power-operated control ensures quick and accurate position. 2、Electric control design adn multiple operating modes meet teh needs of efficient work. 3、International advanced technology of full pulse fluoroscopy. 4、With low dose radiography,advocating safe adn healthy...Read More

    • High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System X Ray Machine

      Contact NowHigh Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System X Ray Machine1、Unique motor-driven supporting arm. 2、Unique hand-held controller design. 3、High-quality high frequency high voltage x-ray generator. 4、Stable and reliable imported image intensifier. 5、High-resolution television system.Read More

    • Medical Digital Mobile X-ray Machine Radiography System

      Contact NowMedical Digital Mobile X-ray Machine Radiography System1、Light and motility make a comfortable manipulation experience. 2、Balanced design which make sure smooth location,suitable for all angels of radiography. 3、Pr-set anatomy program helps to improve surgical efficiency. 4、High function,high technology and high quality imaging system make excellent...Read More

    • Hot Selling Digital Mobile Cr X-ray System Digital

      Contact NowHot Selling Digital Mobile Cr X-ray System Digital1、Mega pixel CCD camera and high resolution image chain system for excellent image quality. 2、Pulse fluoroscopy function can realize optimized ,low-dose and real-time imaging . 3、Integrated workstation widely expands the application of the C-arm. 4、Unique image software processing system and...Read More

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