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    • Security Medical Equipment High Frequency Digital X-ray Machine

      Contact NowSecurity Medical Equipment High Frequency Digital X-ray Machine1、Advanced integrated design ,high capacity combined tube head. 2、High quality imaging system and advanced digital imaging process technology provide the HD image. 3、Operating process is safe and controlled ,protecting programe have been setted. 4、Touch screen user interface,operate easily....Read More

    • Medical Hospital 4.0kw Digital Portable X Ray

      Contact NowMedical Hospital 4.0kw Digital Portable X Ray1、Our 55-100kW generator provides the right amount of penetration, reducing exposure times and retakes. 2、Human graphic touch screen operation design, digital intelligent control system. 3、CsI CCD detector. 4、Dicom 3.0 network interface for integration with clinical network, PACS and RISRead More

    • Portable Medical Digital X-ray Machine

      Contact NowPortable Medical Digital X-ray Machine1、Ultra large power X-ray generator and intelligent APR design. 2、Single panel multi-working units is perfectly applicable for various clinical special radiography requirements. 3、Flexible rotary companding arm structure makes the system with ability of covering all directions. 4、Dual power...Read More

    • Medical Digital Mobile X-ray Machine Radiography System

      Contact NowMedical Digital Mobile X-ray Machine Radiography System1、Light and motility make a comfortable manipulation experience. 2、Balanced design which make sure smooth location,suitable for all angels of radiography. 3、Pr-set anatomy program helps to improve surgical efficiency. 4、High function,high technology and high quality imaging system make excellent...Read More

    • Medical X Ray Machine Price

      Contact NowMedical X Ray Machine Price1、Combined with UT 7200A for double-tube DRF system. 2、One-stop workstation from registration to documentation can easily follow the clinical work flow. 3、DICOM 3.0 interface permits to connect PACS networks & dry film printer in hospital. 4、Compact,floor-mounted,U-arm design,fits into...Read More

    • Newest Good Quality Medical 300ma X Ray Machine

      Contact NowNewest Good Quality Medical 300ma X Ray Machine1、Combined with UT 7600A for double-tube DRF system. 2、High power X-ray generator and x-ray tube ,advanced flat panel detector option and image processing system provide perfect image. 3、Flexible table design ensures the intelligent ,friendly and conventional operation. 4、Powerful network...Read More

    • Medical Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound

      Contact NowMedical Veterinary Portable Ultrasound Scanner UltrasoundApplications: Ovine, Swine, Alpaca, Feline, Canine, Rabbit, Fish, Snake and etc. Specifications: Probe frequency: 2.5Mhz-8.5Mhz Displayed Depth(mm): 240(max.), 16 levels adjustable Detect depth(mm): ≥60 Resolution(mm): Lateral, ≤2(depth≤80), ≤3(80<depth≤130); Axial, ≤2(depth≤80),...Read More

    • Medical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine

      Contact NowMedical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine1、High frequency molybdenum target mammography machine are featured with very small focus,high resolution,low dosage and micro-computer controlled. 2、It is a high performance breast screening machine for iconography examination of mammary diseases and with high sensitivity for mammary benign...Read More

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