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    • China Flat Panel Detector Digital X-ray Medical

      Contact NowChina Flat Panel Detector Digital X-ray Medical1、Modular design,easy to install,easy to maintain. 2、Excellent quality X-ray ,fully meet the needs of a wide range of clinical diagnosis. 3、Flexible column support structure,floating bed with electromagnetic brake. 4、Make photography position more accurate,fully enhance photographic quality....Read More

    • Hospital Medical Diagnostic Equipment Radiography X-ray

      Contact NowHospital Medical Diagnostic Equipment Radiography X-ray1、The console applies LCD display photograph term. 2、The console control the expose time by MCU internal clock,make the expose time accurate. 3、Adopt microcomputer monitoring start-up and operation. 4、Adopt mA,KV,s three parameters free matching work method. 5、The low-voltage power supply was...Read More

    • Full Digital Pregnant Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

      Contact NowFull Digital Pregnant Portable Veterinary Ultrasound EquipmentApplications: Ovine, Bovine, Equine, Swine, Alpaca, Feline, Canine, Rabbit, Fish, Snake and etc. Features: 5" FTT-LED, wide visual, high brightness, high contrast, image clear and exquisite. Hand-held design, smart and light, easy to carry, convenient for detection. OB measurement: EDD and...Read More

    • High Frequency Medical X Ray Machine

      Contact NowHigh Frequency Medical X Ray Machine1、The high power,high efficiency and good quality x-ray generator can ensure the quality of the image. 2、Multiple optional photography mode ,satisfy the requirement of personalized and professional photography. 3、Close-table human graphical LCD touch screen with remote exposure control,embodies...Read More

    • Hospital Medical Fixed 500mA 50kw Digital X-ray

      Contact NowHospital Medical Fixed 500mA 50kw Digital X-ray1、Light and handy design concept,easy to move,easy to operate. 2、Arm balance itself,simple operation,locate easily and accurately . 3、Two exposure control methods,give consideration to both security and efficiency. 4、Perfect x-ray quality ,ensure the exquisite images,meanwhile,take care of the...Read More

    • Medical Diagnostic Digital Radiography X-ray

      Contact NowMedical Diagnostic Digital Radiography X-ray1. The console applies LCD display screen. 2. Use the microprocessor limited-time control 3. Select the exposure tube current at the same time to determine the focus 4. Adopts mA,kV,s three parameters free matching work method. 5. The time of fluoroscope of this machine is controlled by the...Read More

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