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    • Medical Diagnostic Digital Radiography X-ray

      Contact NowMedical Diagnostic Digital Radiography X-ray1. The console applies LCD display screen. 2. Use the microprocessor limited-time control 3. Select the exposure tube current at the same time to determine the focus 4. Adopts mA,kV,s three parameters free matching work method. 5. The time of fluoroscope of this machine is controlled by the...Read More

    • Hospital Digital Portable X Ray Machine

      Contact NowHospital Digital Portable X Ray Machine1、Equipped with a build-in rechargeable battery,suitable for taking radiography for any body's parts in any places and at any time. 2、Creative design making much less weight and much smaller volume than any other similar ones. 3、Unique locating mode and swift radio graphing capacity proving...Read More

    • X-ray Digital Radiography System

      Contact NowX-ray Digital Radiography System1、Light and handy design concept,easy to move,easy to operate. 2、Arm balance itself,simple operation ,locate easily and accurately. 3、Two exposure control methods,give consideration to both security and efficiency. 4、Perfect x-ray quality ensure the exquisite images,meanwhile ,take care of the...Read More

    • Digital X Ray Machine Prices

      Contact NowDigital X Ray Machine Prices1.Combined with PLD7600B for double tube DRF system. 2. High power X-ray generator and x-ray tube ,image processing system provide perfect image. 3. Flexible table design ensures the intelligent ,friendly and convenient operation. 4. Powerful network functions satisfy the requirements for all...Read More

    • High Frequency Medical X Ray Machine

      Contact NowHigh Frequency Medical X Ray Machine1、The high power,high efficiency and good quality x-ray generator can ensure the quality of the image. 2、Multiple optional photography mode ,satisfy the requirement of personalized and professional photography. 3、Close-table human graphical LCD touch screen with remote exposure control,embodies...Read More

    • 9800D Hospital Equipment Medical Mammography System X Ray Portable Prices

      Contact Now9800D Hospital Equipment Medical Mammography System X Ray Portable PricesUT-9800D HF Mammography system 1) Joint-stock Tube Model X-ray Generator Complete solid-state high-frequency high-voltage generator. Generator Type:High Frequency Inverter 80kHz Input Power:Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz Radiographic Ratings:Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs Small Focal Point...Read More

    • Hot Selling Digital Mobile Cr X-ray System Digital

      Contact NowHot Selling Digital Mobile Cr X-ray System Digital1、Mega pixel CCD camera and high resolution image chain system for excellent image quality. 2、Pulse fluoroscopy function can realize optimized ,low-dose and real-time imaging . 3、Integrated workstation widely expands the application of the C-arm. 4、Unique image software processing system and...Read More

    • Medical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine

      Contact NowMedical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine1、High frequency molybdenum target mammography machine are featured with very small focus,high resolution,low dosage and micro-computer controlled. 2、It is a high performance breast screening machine for iconography examination of mammary diseases and with high sensitivity for mammary benign...Read More

    • Best Price Ultrasound Scanner Machine With Wireless Ultrasound Probe/ultrasound Device

      Contact NowBest Price Ultrasound Scanner Machine With Wireless Ultrasound Probe/ultrasound DeviceUT-3018 Full Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner Specifications: Display Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B+M, M. Magnification: ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×1.8, ×2.0. Scanning depth: ≥ 170mm LateralRead More

    • Mobile X Ray Machine Radiograhy Equipment

      Contact NowMobile X Ray Machine Radiograhy Equipment1、Full view FPD, outstanding image quality and large field of view coverage even during image rotation. 2、Build-in advanced image automatic optimum processing and enhancing module realize the sharp clinical image. 3、Human graphic LCD touch screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes...Read More

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