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PMD60 Portable DR

Portable DR
Product description
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Item Configuration Brand Model Qty
1 Csl 1417 Flat panel detector SONTU SONTU50-4336S-C 1
2 Portable X Ray unit SONTU SONTU60-Unicorn 1
3 Portable Stand SONTU / 1
4 Imaging Workstation SONTU SONTU Smart DR 1
5 Laptop DELL Vostro-3480 1
6 VDES function   Software 1
7 Battery SONTU 20Ah 1

Portable digital X-ray Radiography System

I. Basic requirements

1. Equipment name: Portable digital X-ray radiography system

2. Description of equipment use: for X-ray diagnostic by medical units or X-ray diagnostic diagnosis for outdoor mobile emergency rescue occasions.

3. The main components of the equipment:

3.1 Flat panel detector

3.2 Portable integrated head

3.3 Portable Stand

3.4 Image acquisition workstation

II. Specific technical requirements

4.1 Flat panel detector

4.1.1 Image Sensor 14 ″ × 17 ″

4.1.2 Detector TFT imaging board structure: non-stitched TFT

4.1.3 Detector pixel size: 140um

4.1.4 Dynamic range: 16bit

4.1.5 Spatial resolution: 3.4Lp / mm

4.1.6 Pixel matrix: 2496 * 3040 (total 7.58 million)

4.1.7 Acquisition time: 3s

4.1.8 imaging time: 5s

4.1.9 The cooling method of digital flat panel detector is natural cooling, no additional auxiliary cooling is required。

4.2 Portable integrated x ray unit

4.2.1 Power: 5KW

4.2.2 Power 220V

4.2.3 Tube voltage range: 40 ~ 120kV, step 1kv

4.2.4 Tube current range: 3 ~ 125mA

4.2.5 Exposure time: 1ms ~ 10s

4.2.6 mAs range: 0.1 ~ 250mAs

4.2.7 Inverter frequency: 100khz

4.2.8 Focus size: 0.6mm / 2.8mm

4.2.9 Tube heat capacity: 75.6kHu

4.2.10 With 8-inch large LCD display

4.2.11 Fixed and portable

4.2.12 Head size: 265mm * 255mm * 460mm

4.2.13 Head weight: 18KG

4.3 Portable Stand (Model 1)

4.3.1 Frame length * width: 1237mm*830mm

4.3.2 Rack height range: 1357~1988mmm

4.3.3 Portable head height adjustment range: 166~1233mm

4.3.4 Rotary arm angle range: :67°~124°

4.3.5 Equipped with moving wheels at the bottom, with brakes

4.3.6 Load bearing: 40KG

Portable Stand (Model 2)

4.3.1 Frame length * width: 1260mm * 657.2mm

4.3.2 Rack height range: 1338 ~ 2070mm

4.3.3 Portable head height adjustment range: 300 ~ 1870mm

4.3.4 Rotary arm angle range: 10 ° ~ 125 °

4.3.5 Equipped with moving wheels at the bottom, with brakes

4.3.6 Load bearing: 40KG

4.4 image acquisition and processing system

4.4.1 Professional image workstation based on WINDOWS operating system

4.4.2 Configuration: Intel CPU frequency 2GHz, memory capacity 4G, hard disk capacity 500G

4.4.3 Full Chinese operation interface

4.4.4 DICOM3.0 interface

4.5 Image acquisition workstation functions:

4.5.1 The image acquisition workstation should include the following image processing functions: window width & window level adjustment / positive & negative display / horizontal and vertical image inversion / image rotation / image movement and scaling / left and right annotation / image cropping / magnifying glass Features.

4.5.2 Setting conditions such as photographic exposure kV, mA, mAs can be displayed on the printed film.

4.5.3 Patient images can be queried in various ways, and the query method can be customized.

4.5.4 The image acquisition workstation should support grid printout.

4.5.5 The image diagnostic workstation should support grid printout.

4.5.6 20 preset photography positions, the shooting conditions can be edited and stored

4.5.7 Support the latest version of DICOM 3.0, including support for DICOM printing, support for DICOM archiving, support for DICOM network transmission, support for DICOM WORKLIST

4.5.8 Different patient images can be printed on the same film

4.5.9 Different processing protocols are used for each body part to achieve the best display effect; an image enhancement module is used to ensure the best image is obtained, and the image can be diagnosed without doctor adjustment

Portable X ray unit


Flat Panel Detector (Wired) Standard


Flat Panel Detector (Wireless) optional

Battery (Optional)


Laptop (DELL)


Workstation acquisition


Clinical Application




Portable X ray unit: 15 months

Flat Panel Detector : 36 months

Laptop: Global service

Workstation: 36 months

Model 1: FOB Shenzhen $15500

Model 2: FOB Shenzhen $17500


This list cannot be used directly as a contract document. All information given in this article may change without notice as the product is improved.


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