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PMD9600B Digital Medical X-Ray Photography System

Product description
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1、 Application

This unit is high frequency overhung digital X-ray radiography medical diagnostic equipment, it is used in radiography department, orthopedics, wards, emergency room, operation room, ICU, etc. It can satisfy the requirement of parts of body such as head, limbs, chest, spine, lunmer, stomach.

2 、Feature

2.1 Flexible, efficient and multidimensional movement

Suspension frame design, can cover a wide range of exposure area. Multidimensional removable design of Chest stand, can meet various radiography requirement.


2.2 Humanized design and convenient operation

Human graphical operation interface, true color LCD touch screen, digital intelligent control system, can be set up many parts, position and size of the adult or child's photography characteristics, such as parameter Settings, users are free to modify and store, with two–step exposure handbrake, operation more conveniently.


3、Main Configuration

3.1 X-ray Tube

3.1 X-ray tube assembly

3.1.1 The focus 0.6/1.2mm

3.1.2 The focus of power 71kW

3.1.3 The anode heat capacity 210kJ (300kHU)

3.1.4 The anode target angle 12°

3.1.5 The anode speed 8400rpm

3.1.6 The sets of heat capacity 900kJ

3.2 The whole electrical performance

3.2 The whole electrical performance

3.2.1 Maximum output power 71kW

3.2.2 High-frequency inverter frequency 60kHz

3.2.3 Photography Voltage 40~150kV

3.2.4 Photography Current 10mA~800mA

3.2.5 Exposure Time 0.001s~6.3s

3.2.6 Photography mAs 0.1~630mAs

3.2.7 Automatic exposure control (AEC)

3.2.8 Automatic error reporting

3.2.9 Preset hundreds of APR exposure programs

3.2.10 The power condition 380 V, 50/60 Hz

4、Mechanical Structure and Movement

4.1 X-ray tube of Suspension frame

4.1.1 Range of Transverse movement of Tube 230cm

4.1.2 Range of longitudinal and movement 110cm

4.1.3 Range of Vertical lift 150cm

4.1.4 Minimum distance from the focus to ground 45cm

4.1.5 Range of rotation around the horizontal axis 230°

4.1.6 Range ofrotation around the vertical axis 360°


4.2 Detector on Chest stand

4.2.1 Detector Range of Vertical lift 119cm

4.2.2 Detector Maximum distance to ground 159cm

4.2.3 Detector Minimum distance to ground 40cm

4.2.4 Detector Range of rotation around the horizontal axis 230°

4.2.5 DetectorRange of Transverse movement 240cm

4.2.6 SID range of Tabel 60cm---150cm

4.2.7 SID range of Chest stand 80cm---205cm


5 、Flat Panel detector

Adopt with the detector of top technology, advanced manufacturing technology, ensures strong stability, 17“ * 17" effective detection area, can meet the needs of the various parts of human body. By using gigabit network to connect with DR detectors, it's very safety and efficiency for the image acquisition.


6、 Workstation and Software


Integrated collaboration raises work efficiency, the use of using flux promises the maximum effective, while digital workstation adopts international advanced processing technology, operation interface in English, ensure perfect DR image processing functions. Professional medical display provide image processing quality with high resolution.

6.1 Large LCD graphic touch screen, easy to set up parameters

6.2 Enhanced module applied aim to the setting up of the parameters of particular parts of human body

6.3 The whole interface of the work station includes patient information, image inspection, radiography setting, image processing, network

transmission, printing, storage etc.

6.4 Human graphic interface to set up parameters for different figures and different position. Operator can define the parameters and save it for future operation.

6.5 Wireless communication and network transmission

7、 Installation structure & design

Installtion Requirements:

1, The room size is at least 4.35m *width 3.9m* height 3.1m.

2, The wall with Steel orbit shall be load bearing wall, width≧240mm. The length of the steel orbit embedded in the wall ≧150mm, and please ensure that the ceiling is filled with concrete, can could load the weight of steel orbit and the equipment safely and stably.


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