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PMD7000B High Frequency Mobile C-arm System

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This machine is widely applied in surgical department, orthopedic surgery, urinary surgery, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, pain management, neurosurgery,cardiology, gastroenterology department, gynae and operating room, etc.


1) High-frequency generator with super high power and microfocus, optimizes digital images.

2) Leading world-class continuous pulse fluoroscopy, intelligent exposure control, achieving extremely low radiation dose.

3) Multi-working patterns to meet various clinical needs.

4) Multi-leaf and vertical light control reduce the soft X-ray effectively and the skin dose dramatically.

5) Imported well-known image intensifier and digital CCD camera provide high-quality and high-resolution images.

6) High-resolution and dual LCD monitors improve image quality dramatically.

7) Powerful digital graphic workstation with standard configuration of DICOM 3.0 connected to network perfectly, supports dual registrations of worklist registration and manual registration.

8) Workstation has high-capacity digital storage function, and fluoroscopy and digital spot film are stored in lossless digital format. It has powerful processing capabilities like edge enhancement, multiple image, gamma correction, cineloop, window center-window width, experts template, record, etc.

9) Four-dimensional electric motion control, accurate positioning, flexible and smooth. Large rack design provides a huge examing space and more comfortable surgery environment. Fresh designs and ideas bring you superior experience.

10) Two panels of human graphical LCD touch screen, intelligent and fast operation. Dual kinetic control system and double foot brake design for exposure, meeting the demands of clinical operations greatly.


Category Item Main Contents
Electrical Performance High Frequency Inverter Power Supply Output power:16.0kW   
Inverter frequency:60kHz
Automatic, Manual Continuous Fluoroscopy Tube voltage:40kV~125kV     
continuous adjustment
Tube current:0.3mA~4mA      
continuous adjustment
Automatic, Manual Intensifying Fluoroscopy Tube voltage:40kV~125kV     
continuous adjustment
Tube current:0.3mA~8mA      
continuous adjustment
Automatic, Manual Pulse Fluoroscopy Tube voltage:40kV~125kV     
continuous adjustment
Tube current:0.3mA~30mA     
continuous adjustment
Pulse frequency:1-25 frame    
continuous adjustment
DSI Digital Spot Film 1-5 frame can be chosen
Radiography Tube Voltage, mA 40kV~125kV  160mA
X-ray Tube X-ray Tube Special For High Frequency Rotary anode focus: 0.3/0.6
Anode thermal capacity:212kJ (284kHU)
Image System Image Intensifier TOSHIBA 9" image intensifier
CCD Camera Medical use 1 million pixel digital CCD camera
CCU Real time collection, horizontal, vertical mirror image, recursive noise reduction can be adjusted continuously, multi-images storage, image patching, last image freeze
Monitor 19" LCD monitor
Work Station Software Storage without damage, multi-images display, image W/L real time adjustment, grayscale switch, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise reduction, intensifying, smoothing, sharpening, compression, zoom in, measurement, remark, picture-text typeset print, expert template, Dicom image transmit, Dicom image print, cineloop
, image imprinting, worklist registration,etc.
Structure Performance Direction Wheel, Main Wheel Direction wheel 360°rotation, main wheel ±90°rotation
C-arm Motorized forward and backward movement: 200mm
Motorized rotation around horizontal axis: ±180°
Rotation around vertical axis: ±15°
Motorized slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°)   
Motorized asending and desending of pillar: 400mm
SID:1060 mm  open:860 mm    arc depth:700 mm



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