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MDV10 Doppler System (VET)

Product description
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Technical specifications

For the veterinary examination of abdomen, heart, obstetrics, urology, small organs, blood vessels, etc.

Channel: 64 channels;

Probe elements: 128;

High resolution 15’ LCD display

★Full Digital Imaging Technology

1. Pulse inverse harmonic composite imaging

2. Multi-beam synthesis

3. Space compound

4. Image enhancement noise reduction

★Imaging mode

1. B mode

2. M mode

3. Color(Color Doppler ) mode

4. PDI(Energy Doppler)mode

5. PW(Pulse Doppler)mode

★Image display mode

B、2B、B+M、4B、M、B+Color、B+PDI、B+PW、B+Color+PW、B+PDI+PW、B+C/PDI Double real time

★Supported probes

1. Convex probe

2. Linear probe

3. Cavity probe

4. Micro-convex probe

Probe frequency: 2.5-10.0MHz

Probe socket: 2 PC

★Supported frequency

B/M: Third gear fundamental frequency + second gear harmonic frequency;

C: 2 gear

PW: 2 gear


1. 2D mode, B Maximum: ≥5000 frames, Color, PDI Maximum: ≥2500 frames;

2. Timeline mode(M, PW), Maximum: ≥ 190s

★ Image zoom

Real-time scanning(B、B+C、2B、4B)Status: stepless enlargement

★Image storage

1. Support JPG, BMP, FRM image formats and CIN、AVI movie format

2. Support local storage;

3. Support DICOM, meet the DICOM3.0 standard;

4. Built-in workstations: Support large-capacity hard disk(≥500GB),support patient data retrieval and browsing.

★System language

1. English, support other languages according to user requirement;

2. Full screen annotation input, English;

★Measurement calculation software package

Professional veterinary software package for examination and calculation, etc.


Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, continue to work more than 1.5 hours, power information displayed on the screen.

★Image parameters

B mode

1. Gray scale mapping:≥15

2. Noise suppression:≥8

3. Frame correlation:≥8

4. Edge enhancement:≥8

5. Image enhancement:≥5

6. Space compound:Switch adjustable

7. Scan density:High, middle, low

8. Image flip:Up ,Down, Left, Right

9. Maximum scanning depth:≥320mm

M mode

1. Scan speed(Sweep Sleep):≥5 , adjustable

2. Line average(Line Average):≥8

PW mode

1. SV size / location:SV size1.0–8.0mm , adjustable

2. PRF:≥16 ,0.7kHz-9.3KHz ,

3. Scan speed(Sweep Sleep):≥5 , adjustable

4. Correction angle(Correction Angle):-85°~85°,step length 5°

5. Spectrum flip:Switch adjustable

6. Wall Filter:≥4 , adjustable

7. Doppler sound:≥20 , adjustable

Color/PDI mode

1. PRF:≥15 ,0.6KHz – 11.7KHz

2. Color map(color map)≥4 kinds;

3. Color related:≥8

4. post-treatment:≥4

★Measurement and calculation

1. B/C mode routine measurement: Distance, area, perimeter, volume, angle, area ratio, distance ratio

2. M mode routine measurement:time, slope, heart rate, distance

3. Doppler mode routine measurement: heart rate, velocity, velocity ratio, resistance index, pulse index, manual / automatic envelope, acceleration, time

4. Obstetrics B、PW mode application measurements: including comprehensive obstetric line measurement, body weight, single gestational age and growth curve,amniotic fluid index, fetal physiological score measurement, etc.

5. Heart B、M mode application measurements

6. Blood vessels PW mode application measurements

7. Small organ B mode application measurements

8. Urinary B mode application measurements

9. Abdomen B mode application measurements


MDV10 Doppler System (VET)

MDV10 Doppler System (VET)

MDV10 Doppler System (VET)


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