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100ma x ray machine

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    • Manufacturer: X-ray Unit/machine

      Contact NowManufacturer: X-ray Unit/machine1、The console applies LCD display screen. 2、Use the microprocessor limited-time control. 3、Select the exposure tube current at the same time to determine the focus. 4、Adopts mA, KV, s three parameters free matching work method. 5、The time of fluoroscope of this machine is controlled by program....Read More

    • Mobile X Ray Machine Radiograhy Equipment

      Contact NowMobile X Ray Machine Radiograhy Equipment1、Full view FPD, outstanding image quality and large field of view coverage even during image rotation. 2、Build-in advanced image automatic optimum processing and enhancing module realize the sharp clinical image. 3、Human graphic LCD touch screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes...Read More

    • Medical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine

      Contact NowMedical Digital Mammography X Ray Imaging Machine1、High frequency molybdenum target mammography machine are featured with very small focus,high resolution,low dosage and micro-computer controlled. 2、It is a high performance breast screening machine for iconography examination of mammary diseases and with high sensitivity for mammary benign...Read More

    • CE Hospital Cheap Mobile X Ray Machine

      Contact NowCE Hospital Cheap Mobile X Ray Machine1、The mobile C-arm cone beam CT with the design of the isocentric orbital movement. 2、With the movement sequence photography to capture continous images to support prototype beam volume photographic technology. 3、Multivariate information contained anatomical shape anatomical models with higher...Read More

    • Medical X Ray Machine Price

      Contact NowMedical X Ray Machine Price1、Combined with UT 7200A for double-tube DRF system. 2、One-stop workstation from registration to documentation can easily follow the clinical work flow. 3、DICOM 3.0 interface permits to connect PACS networks & dry film printer in hospital. 4、Compact,floor-mounted,U-arm design,fits into...Read More

    • Portable Ultrasound Machine/wireless Ultrasound Probe

      Contact NowPortable Ultrasound Machine/wireless Ultrasound ProbeFeatures: ·Display image in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up/down conversed and shift depth in real time. ·Video output: PAL and VGA; large screen monitor, videocassette recorder, video image printer. ·Soft keyboard and track ball to make operation faster, convenient and...Read More

    • Digital X Ray Machine Prices

      Contact NowDigital X Ray Machine Prices1.Combined with PLD7600B for double tube DRF system. 2. High power X-ray generator and x-ray tube ,image processing system provide perfect image. 3. Flexible table design ensures the intelligent ,friendly and convenient operation. 4. Powerful network functions satisfy the requirements for all...Read More

    • Hospital Medical Fixed 500mA 50kw Digital X-ray

      Contact NowHospital Medical Fixed 500mA 50kw Digital X-ray1、Light and handy design concept,easy to move,easy to operate. 2、Arm balance itself,simple operation,locate easily and accurately . 3、Two exposure control methods,give consideration to both security and efficiency. 4、Perfect x-ray quality ,ensure the exquisite images,meanwhile,take care of the...Read More

    • Aluminum C-Arm For X-ray Machine

      Contact NowAluminum C-Arm For X-ray Machine1、New integrated design of TV system and mainframe. 2、High-quality x-ray generator. 3、Motor-driven mufti-lead sheet colligate,iris structure. 4、Imported image intensifier . 5、With the perspective KV.MA automatic tracking feature . 6、Unique hand-held remote controller .Read More

    • 7200A Medical X-ray Machine

      Contact Now7200A Medical X-ray Machine1、Perfect digital gastrointestinal configurations to support a wide variety of clinical applications. 2、Professional digital gastrointestinal software package has DSA module,WORKLIST module and PACS module. 3、Hardware configuration combined with software digital image processing technology to...Read More

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